How to Get Smooth Real Estate Video Footage with the Geranos 3 Axis Stabilizer from Glide Gear

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Something I don’t talk about nearly enough on this blog is the power of real estate video.

There are some properties (usually higher-end homes or tracts of land with unique, distinguishing features) that can ABSOLUTELY benefit from a high quality, professionally compiled real estate video in the selling process.

When a property comes with a big enough profit margin, it can TOTALLY be worth your while to get some great, on-site video footage and use it to compile a video listing for your property.

A lot of online listing websites are recognizing the important role that video is going to play in the future of real estate advertising too. Sites like Zillow are now allowing users to include videos within their listings, and website providers like Lead Propeller are also giving users the option of embedding YouTube videos within the body of each new listing.

If you’re an amateur videographer like me, or if you’re serious about improving the quality of your real estate videos, there are a few key components that go into the making of a great video:

1. A Property with Great Visual Appeal
2. Proper Lighting
3. Getting Professional, Creative and Interesting Shots
4. Good Video Editing

If you don’t have all 4 of these areas nailed down fairly well, the end product may still be acceptable, but it probably won’t be quite as great as it could be.

With regard to item #3 (above), there’s an awesome new piece of camera equipment I was able to get my hands on lately, and it has allowed me to get some incredible moving shots of my properties. It’s called the Geranos 3 Axis Stabilizer and it’s sold by a company called Glide Gear.

Part of what makes this tool so great is that it’s insanely easy to use (seriously, my 2 year old daughter could probably use it) and it has a MAJOR noticeable effect on the end result of your video footage.

Most video footage ends up be very shaky when the shots are recorded simply by holding the camera in your hands, but this tool is built to completely eliminate those unintentional shakes and give you a VERY professional looking end result.

Check out the video above and I’ll show you how it works!

The price of this stabilizer isn’t necessarily “cheap” by most standards, but considering the fact that it can essentially replace several other types of camera equipment (like sliders, jibs, fluid heads and more), it’s pretty easy to justify this kind of investment if you’re serious about creating great real estate videos.

Keep in mind – I am purely an amateur when it comes to real estate video. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a pro at this – but as you can probably see from the video above, the tool really does make a difference.

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This particular stabilizer is built specifically for larger, DSLR and Mirrorless cameras up to 2.6 lbs. It’s GREAT if you’ve already invested money into an awesome HD or 4K camera with interchangeable lenses, but practically speaking – not all real estate professionals are on this level (and some of us are just looking for an easier, cheaper, faster way to get better virtual tours and walkthrough videos of the properties we’re selling).

If you fall into this camp (or perhaps you just aren’t as big of a “camera nerd” as I am), Glide Gear also makes a smaller, lighter, less-expensive version of this stabilizer called the Leios. It’s built to be used specifically with smaller cameras, like those on your smart phone and/or GoPro cameras.

If you want smooth, stable videos but you don’t want to drop $799 for it, this may be a great alternative that gets virtually the same effect with a smaller camera, at less than half the price of the Geranos.